Wednesday, June 3, 2009

new shows new look

Things are moving full speed ahead. The gallery has been thawed, refreshed, and rehung. The working clock/assemblage below is by Tim Nihoff, master of playful works in rusted objects and plastic repurposing. We have a saying around here, what goes around, comes around.

Our youngest Gem collective member, high schooler Connor Flynn, has recently moved from bowls to vases. Bravo!

We specialize in variety: glass, felted wool, ceramics, pastel, oils, photography, watercolor, printmaking, jewelry, encaustic. Spare parts, flotsam, jetsam... we make art from what the tides wash up, or the latest yard sale yields, or whatever the moon pulls from our dreams.

Small painting on the left by Norm Proulx, larger painting on the right by Lavendier Myers.

This is Kristen, our intrepid gallery host, who gave up two rooms of her house to create a venue for island artists. As a veteran preschool teacher, she is equipped to deal with our crazy collective.

We are still in pre-season mode: upcoming show this weeknd with new member,
Michelle Estell. Her opening reception is this Friday night, June 5 from 6 - 8 PM.

Hours: Saturday and Sunday Noon - 5 PM. The Gem Gallery is at 62 Island Avenue, a left up the hill from the boat landing, past the ice cream store, but before the post office.

Come look!

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