Tuesday, September 29, 2009

one of a kind

The Gem Gallery awaits the next solo show, "Inside and Out" with works by Suzanne Parrott, opening on Friday, October 9 at 5 PM.

Meanwhile, there are many unique items on display. These assemblages by Carol Cartier capture a certain bemused facade, resourceful and full of character, like islanders.

Martha Morris Gibson crafts these woven baskets with hand dyed reeds.

Diane Wiencke makes use of many materials, such as coins, wax, and pigment, which can be seen is this detail.

Here Tim Nihoff recycles playful plastic toys for this inspired twist on time. Money, too, gets a new context, with his painted additions.

A happy reminder that anytime is a good time to buy island art!

Visit on Saturdays and Sundays from (mostly) 12 - 5 PM. Call 766-5600 for more info.

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