Saturday, August 1, 2009

amazing feats of nimble vision

Step right up, folks! It's another new show at the Gem Gallery, this one a collaboration of Carol Cartier and Diane Wiencke, masters of style and daredevilish creations.

The opening was last Saturday evening and the show remains through August 5. Don't miss it! Carol and Diane made great use of the petite space, with small but diverse works of hand-made mysteries, such as this doll by Carol.

Here's another one, an acrobat of delicate proportions facing razor-sharp odds.

Carol recently signed up for a tinware class at MECA, only to see it cancelled. Did that stop her? She stomped over to the teacher's studio, and had herself a private hootenanny cuttin' up tin like a crazy quilter from Kentucky.

Both Carol and Diane love shape, bold color, pattern, all infused with meaning that meanders into the mind, a subtle contrast to all the visual.

Here is a wall of Diane's small works on paper, playing with the circus theme.

And a couple of close-ups:

She had a door full of "paper bag paintings" for the downright bargain of $50. each. You have to see them to love them. She says:

"These paintings are made of cut up paper bags. They are dipped in wax, then painted with plaster, sanded, scraped and painted with white out and ball point pen. Poetry pages are vintage and basically jumped onto the pages themselves."

Now that is an act of magic!

Step right up, folks! See island art at it's best. Creating something from just about nothing that swells your heart with beauty.

The previous show was incredible as well. Paul Brahms never ceases to amaze. He filled the gallery with liquid light, brushy paintings that capture moments of the day with nimble vision.

Paul is seen here, chatting with Deb Chase, avid collector of island art.

This study of a boy at play is full of love.

Nathanial Chalfant, a middle school student, added some of his driftwood sculptures to Paul's exhibit.

The weathered form makes a symbolic contrast to the still butterfly.

Magic, delight, and daring feats.

Step right up, folks!

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