Tuesday, August 25, 2009

trio of talents

Another elegant show has been installed at the Gem Gallery. Printmaker and painter, Jane Banquer, joins the pair of potters extraordinaire, Rick Boyd and Pam Williamson. Here Jane chats during the opening evening.

Rick and Pam combine their strengths: he forms the clay, she glazes it.

Rick is a nurse anesthetist whose deft hands now create classically voluptuous vessels. Pam's background is in apparel marketing and product development. Each thrown form suggests a color to her, and she mixes her glazes from recipes, never knowing what will emerge from the kiln. That element of surprise and lack of total control keeps Rick and Pam searching, and firing, and praying to the Kiln God.

Many of their ceramic pieces are glazed in layers, such as this series that has the patina of a long lost Mayan treasure.

Jane Banquer brought a recently renewed enthusiasm for abandoned mediums to her current body of work on exhibit. For years, she worked as a printmaker, creating delicate etchings with an uncanny line and atmosphere. After a rejuvenating summer session in woodblock at Haystack, she has not picked up an etching-needle since. She has approached favorite subjects in both woodcut and paint, enjoying the translations. Here is a wonderfully detailed oil of some hens she chased around Monhegan last summer.

And a certain tree has fascinated her, here in a curvaceous woodcut, an achievement of muscle and magic.

These artists will participate in the upcoming Art Walk on August 29. Meanwhile, feel free to stop at the Gem and chat with them directly. The show runs through September 2.

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